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Ich freu mir ’n Ast!
4Hero droppen am 26. Oktober ein neues Album Extensions. Eigentlich handelt es sich dabei eher um eine Compilation mit unveröffentlichten Musik, Coverversionen und Neuinterpretationen ausgewählter Künstler.

4hero present a compilation of original previously unreleased cover versions of their music, reinterpreted by a selection of hand picked artists. When presented with the idea of doing another remix album they felt a need to do something new and fresh, rather than calling up the usual remix suspects and getting dance floor club mixes 4hero have put together an album that would happily sit on the shelf of a 4hero fan. For this project they’ve sought out a range of forward thinking out?ts, orchestra’s & producers including some new discoveries to cover their music. 4hero played their part in the music supervision including some recording, mixing and co producing tracks on the album making the project that much more special to the 4hero fan base. The result is cinematic and dynamic in structure and styles. 4hero are well known for pioneering new electronic music genres including Jungle/D&B, Broken Beat and Nu Jazz. The “Extensions” recordings are the best way to define Nu Jazz.

Als Appetizer gibt es das Album als „Snippet“ im Stream:

1. Universal Love – Sonar Kollektiv Orchester
2. Why don’t you talk? – Nu Tropic
3. Conceptions – Landau Orchestra
4. Planeteria – Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson
5. Third Stream – Robert Mitchell 3io
6. Give In – Ayanna Witter Johnson
7. Blank Cells – Luke Parkhouse with The Sharkfood Orchestra
8. Sophia – Christian Badzura & Liverpool Session Orchestra
9. Cosmic Tree – Andre Zimma vs YeSolar feat Oezlem
10. People Always Criticize Us – Vince Vella’s Cuban Collective
11. Humans – The Sub Ensemble
12. Star Chasers – RE:JAZZ

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