A Tribute to DAFT PUNK


Von welchen Songs und Künstlern sich die französische Houseformation Daft Punk hat beeinflussen lassen, zeigt Arturs Mednis mit seinem fast zwei Stunden langen Mix A Tribute to DAFT PUNK mit Musik aus den Achtzigern.

It’s no secret that Daft Punk is influenced by 80s disco, house and funk artitsts and tracks. Even more – in some songs (One More Time, Around The World, Digital Love, Harder Better Faster Stronger, Superheroes, Voyager, Veridis Quo, Da Funk, Robot Rock, etc) they used snippets and samples from another songs.

To express the honor of those musicians whose tracks have been used by Daft Punk, I’ve created this mix, which consists of the original tracks only by artists whose samples Daft Punk used in their creative work. The most interesting part at the end – try to guess which song was used as part/sample of the Daft Punk song.

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