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The 1960s were awesome times for Jazz music, or more precisely, Anti-Jazz music. Pioniered by the likes of Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane, young US American Jazz cats shifted the genre to a whole new level exploring the modal qualities of Jazzmusic. At the edges of Free and Avantgarde Jazz (the New Thing!), music full of beauty and adventure was created.

My two-parts mixtape showcases a small selection of artists and songs from this period of time I found matching each other, somehow. There’s a certain atmosphere of odditiy about each work, bridging antithetic artists as Sam Rivers and Antonio Carlos Jobim or Anthony Williams and Charles Mingus.

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01. Eric Dolphy – Hat & Beard
02. Joe Henderson – Black
03. Antônio Carlos Jobim – God and the Devil in the Land of the Sun
04. Bobby Hutcherson – Idle While
05. John Coltrane – Lonnie’s Lament
06. Sam Rivers – Involution
07. Pharoah Sanders – Colors

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