Pete Cogle Interview


If you didn’t make it to our recent „Welcome our guest from the UK!“ #tassebier at the Fire Bar in Mitte, you definitely missed out on some interesting details from the life of an award-winning podcaster that were shared that night.

Pete Cogle, the man behind and producer of some completely recommendable podcast-series such as the Dub Zone, the Dubstep Zone, the Hiphop Zone and the PC podcast, was in town and met up with some of Berlin’s netaudio folks and the funky #tassebier posse for a couple of … well … #tassebiers.

Right before hitting the Fire Bar, Volker of the iD.EOLOGY netlabel and pEtEr of Blogrebellen did a short interview with Pete Cogle in a little cosy park just around the corner. So to all of you who didn’t manage to catch Pete in person, we now proudly present your chance to sink your teeth into some inside knowledge on what the man and his work are all about. Enjoy!

Music Credits:
Intro: Dub One! – Massive Dub Job (Rubber Mix) (iD.EOLOGY CC)
Outro: Dub One! – Odd Man´s Planet Dub (iD.EOLOGY CC)

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