6/8 – shish o hasht


The persian party scene is dancing to the 6/8 (shish o hasht) rythm. The roots of this music are grounded in the early 80’s. Shahram Shahpare is the goodfather of this style an started with songs like:

You may think: So what?! Sounds like pop musik with a kind of oriental vocal element. Right! But regarding the  political conditions in Iran, there are some interesting points to see.
First the sound was exported from Iran after revolution 1979 to US because the religious state which is according to the shi’a islam, baned non religious music. The motivation is, that people should not loose their head, they have to stay in reality.   After Khomeinis dead and a time of more libertation for the people in the late 90’s shish o hasht was reimported from the exil in LA and compound with special elements, like rapping the vocals.
Focusing the point of production, every step of making music and music videos in Iran are illegal. E.g. the group Sasy Mankan are producing their videos and music in Tehran and they move always in an illegal dangerous sphere, while making a shot at puplic places. Making pop musik and be part of the scene makes one to a oppositional, even they have nothing to do with politics:

Another oldschool shish o hasht soundmaker are the ‘Black Cats’ in the 90’s of the past decade they rocked the floor of persian weddings and other private parties. They recorded a new version of the very old song ‘Niloufar’ with the group ‘Farez’ (younger generation of shish o hasht). I can’t follow the tail back to the creator of this song, but one is clear: It’s a very long tail of versions. Here is a ‘oldscool meets newschool’ one:

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