eleCreative troniCommons by pEtEr Withoutfield


elecreativ tricommoms pEtEr Withoutfield

A Mixtape with electronic Music under Creative Commons License
With my new Tape I will feature some great Musicians wich release there Songs under Creative Commons License. „eleCreative troniCommons“ is with its 120 BPM in the average a bit more uptempo than the mixtapes, which I mix otherwise. So enjoy the flight with some fine Bassmusic, House & Dub-Tech tunes:

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Tracklisting, Download- & Label-Links:
01 The Global Optimistic – Moon Trees (feat. Tante Elze) (Gergaz Netlabel)
02 Stewart Walker – Count backwards from 100 (AQUIETBUMP)
03 Das Kraftfuttermischwerk – Diskontext (Das Kraftfuttermischwerk)
04 Cassique & Rene Dayz – Da Good Groove (Supafeed)
05 Motor Unit – Marrakesch – Motor Unit (Supafeed)
06 Dr Freebs – MASS (Ideology)
07 Umoja – Ghana Hima (Budabeats)
08 Smarton Trio+1 – Dérapage Controlé (M.W.D. remix) (Budabeats)
09 Discoshit – Da Shit (We Lost) (Supafeed)
10 Whersmydope – Epiphony (Jamendo)

Cover-Picture by Thomas Bresson (CC BY 2.0)

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