A Guy Called Gerald – 70’s-80’s Funk on da Chill



If you are a techno person and you listen deeply into this music you will hear the beginnings of one side of my inspiration to make electronic dance music. This is the music I grew up listening to.

sagt A Guy called Gerald über diesen Mix. Ich sage, dass man keine „Techno Person“ sein muss, um das zu mögen. „Music Person“ reicht völlig.

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rastafarian folk song – cymande
clap ya hands – the meters
easin in – edwin star
intimate frends – eddie kendriks
cant turn me away – sylvia striplin
turned on to you – 80s ladies
you caught me smilin – sly and the family stone
dont stop the music – yarbrough and peoples
genius of love – tom tom club
rapture – debbie harry
hydraulic pump – p-funk
dog talk – k9 corps
nobody can be u – steve arrington
encore – cheryl lynn
just a touch of love – slave
rock creek park- the black byrds
last night a dj saved my life – indeep
set it off – harlequin 4
super rap inst – grandmaster flash
etc etc 😉