Lego Roboter spielt Depeche Mode


Oh wie ich solche Hacks liebe: Die “Toa Mata Band” ist die weltweit erste LEGO-Roboter-Band, gesteuert von einer Entwicklerplatine (Arduino Uno), die mit einem Midi-Controller gekoppelt ist und mit Abfällen Musik macht. In diesem Beispiel ist es der Song “Everything Counts” von Depeche Mode.

In this video, the third episode, the robots are playing some unconventional drum-percussions made by some food packaging are captured by a contact microphone (piezo) and processed in real time in the D.A.W. Ableton Live. A brand new device appears for the first time, it’s a moving platform on x-axis, made of Lego bricks, gears and servo motors that permits to move with semitones-steps the tiny synth.
The song is a cover of the famous synth-pop band Depeche Mode, it’s a personal tribute to the band who made my days in the 80’s.
The performance was recorded live in July 2014.


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