Das Kim Kardashian Cover ohne Photoshop


Hach, ist es nicht herrlich? Auch Kim Kardashian ist eine ganz normale Frau mit ganz normalen Formen und Problemchen. So sieht das Paper-Magazin Cover-Foto von Kim mit und ohne Bearbeitung in Photoshop aus:


Der Fotograf sagt dazu:

“I took the photos at the right angle and with the best lighting possible to really make Kim shine,” said photographer Gett N. Noshous. “Unfortunately, not even the best photographer in the world could get it right in the studio every single time, especially with what we were working with this time around, so we had to do some touch-ups in Photoshop. It’s a fairly common thing these days, whether it be for print of a mega publication, or even someone’s Facebook profile. Though as a professional, I really hate it when the untouched photos make it to the public view.”

Kim Kardashian sagt dazu:

“I look just dreadful. Truly, dreadful,” said Kardashian. “The photos that they published, they were perfect. I’ve never been ashamed of my body, but when I saw the original, unedited photos, it made me wonder what Kanye would even want with me. I don’t want that to be my public persona.”

Ich sage dazu:
Leider, leider, leider ist empirenews.net, die Seite von der diese Meldung stammt, nur ein Satiremagazin!

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