See-I feat. Edy Blu „Queen of Sheba“ (Official Video – Premiere)


The Queen of Sheba was rumored to be one of the most beautiful and powerful women in ancient history when King Solomon married the Abyssinian ruler. Whether this legend is true or not does not matter anymore, as See-I has produced an amazing music video, which captures the essence of this mythic beauty. The sound reminds us a lot about the time when Soul II Soul ruled the planet which after all wasn’t such a bad thing.
Typical for See-I the tune places itself between Reggae and Downbeat and fits perfect to music like the mentioned Soul II Soul or Thievery Corporation. As a matter of fact See-I played live every single thursday from 2006 until today at Thievery Corporation’s 18th Street Lounge so it’s really no surprise that they fit to Eric Hiltons and Rob Garcas music.

„Queen of Sheba“ is available on See-I’s „Knowledge Shine Bright“ album which was released before on Fort Knox Recordings and features Edy Blu on vocals.