Obama, Putin und andere Babos in Street Wear: SWAG!


Chabos wissen, wer Obama ist! Die Photoshopper von Four Pins haben ein paar Politik-VIPs ein zeitgemäßes Auftreten verpasst: Sneakers, Lederjacken, Accessoires etc. So gekleidet gelänge es den Herrschaften bestimmt gleich viel besser, Jugendliche für Politik zu begeistern!

Barack Obama:

Why Obama look like he about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2015 tho?

barack obama street wear

George H. Bush (H. für Hipster)
geroge bush street wear

Swagimir Putin
vladimir putin street wear hipster

Kim „Yung Illmatic“ Yong Un a.k.a. Supreme Leader
kim jong un supreme leader street wear

Shinz? Abe

Abenomics is failing. Can Japan pull itself out of deflation, thereby securing a foothold for reconstructing the national economy? LMAO Who cares tbh? The boy Shinzo dumped his 85-year-old wifey and picked up this heater new J-Pop trophy. Roll up that raw denim, playboy. Do you.


Nicolas Sarkozy, Paris.

Legt im neunten Bezirk Progressive Belgian Minimal auf. Location streng geheim, unregelmäßig.
nicolas sarkozy street wear

David „Killa Cam“ Cameron
david cameron street wear

I’m pretty fucking sick of turning on the TV I wrestled off a pre-pubescent girl on Black Friday only to see these swagless nerds in their flag pin-adorned polyester suits talking about tangible increases in education and welfare spending. I don’t care about any of that shit. I just care about your trash fucking fits. Don’t your colossal, ill-managed governmental budgets have room on the payroll for a presidential stylist? Don’t you siphon off enough public money to cop a prime ministerial pair of J’s? SMFH. But, like, what if?

Via Whudat. Alle Bilder via Four Pins.

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