INSA animierte Streetart, gefilmt aus dem All


INSAs animierte Gifs kennt der geneigte Lazer der Blogrebellen. Was zumindest ich bisher noch nicht kannte ist, dass der Künstler nun auch mit Satelitenbildern seine Kunstwerke bewegt. Ziemlich beeindruckend!

“Each heart alone is 24 metres across, and not being able to step back and see the work in progress meant I had to rely quite a lot on my calculations on scraps of papers. There was months of back and forth discussions, location scouting,” he adds. “The design and planning I did on my own, a logistics team were coordinating the satellite and filming, then my assistant along with a team of 20 people were on site to help get it done.”

Astrium, the commercial satellite division of Airbus, provided a pair of ‘Pleiades’ satellites for the project, along with technical calculations to determine orbit and suitable dates for when the painting needed to be undertaken over one continuous period. The satellites captured an ultra high-definition image once a day for four days, with INSA using the images to create the final looping gif.


via René

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