Heiße Typen, die in der Bahn lesen – Nuff said!


Drüben auf Instagram kann man sich optisch an allerlei Dinge und Personen ergötzen. Einer der heißesten Nummern ist wohl dieser hier: hot dudes reading.

Ob diese Dudes wissen, dass sich die Welt über ihre ästhetische Denkerhaltung besonders erfreut? Wir werden es wohl so schnell nicht erfahren. Aber mal ganz ehrlich: Wayne interessierts, bei einem solchen Anblick? Die Mädels/Boyz freut es und sie feiern den neuen Account in den Kommentaren. Das sind ja solche Bitches! 😉

Ganz ruhig Männer. Ihr braucht aber jetzt nicht alle mit einem Buch in der Hand irgendwo rumstehen. Sobald es etwas gekünstelt wirkt, kann die Sache kippen und daraus wird schnell eine Lachnummer.
Die Bildbeschreibungen sind großes Kino:

This Elijah Wood look-a-like is all hunk, no hobbit. He probably weekends in the Berkshires with his golden retriever, hiking and chopping wood with those big hands. He could trek to Middle Earth and I’d still follow.


Hot Dude
Bester Kommentar: „he can be the lord of my ring any day“

Dapper Dude Alert! Damn. Whatever prose he’s reading cannot match the beauty of that full beard. He’s like the hot English professor of my dreams, only with way better hair.

Dapper Dude Reading
Bester Kommentar: „I can’t tell if this is creepy or great?!“

Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. Probably to sculpture class. I’m sure he’s reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after. #marryme #hotdudesreading

hot dude reading post-war russian short stories

Tall, dark and handsome with a thick beard AND a thick…book? This man must be straight out of the fiction section because he’s too good to be true. If only he was patiently waiting for me instead of the E train.#YouKnowWhatTheySayAboutThickBooks

Bildschirmfoto 2015-02-12 um 11.22.17
Bester Kommentar: „makes me want to catch the ‚action‘ bus“

The book may be obscure but I’m sure this crisp cutie is reading it long before it becomes cool. He probably spent all night dancing at the best underground party in Bushwick, and he still looks flawless. Can’t wait to see his record collection. #stacked

Dudes reading chrisp cutie

This brawny bookworm is too preoccupied with Poe to notice the rumbling of a passing train, or the beating of my tell-tale heart. His focus may be admirable but his attention should be elsewhere. #turnitonme

Dudes Rading

mehr? dann hier entlang

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