Noch mehr seltene Boom Bap Klassiker im Mix von und mit Sweatson Klank


Ihr erinnert euch an „Slept on, but not forgotten“? Jetzt gibt’s mehr davon. „What it sounded like“ ist Sweatson Klanks logische Fortführung des Konzepts: Golden Era to the max, abseits der Standards. Dope. Download direkt bei Soundcloud.

Track List:
Ultra- The Industry Is Wack
Black Attack – Verbal Attack
Pitch Black – Hold me Down
Masterminds – The Fast Way
KGB – Heads On
Brick City Kids – What What
Heltah Skeltah – LeFlar LeFleur
Raw Produce – Step Inside The Lab
Domecrackers – Take A Look
Saukrates – Hate Runs Deep
Cappadonna – 97 Mentality
Rob O – St. Nick
Capone & Noreaga – Top Of New York
Royal Flush – Worldwide
Smoothe Da Hustler & Trigger – Broken Language
Dead Poetz Society – Lick A Shot Remix
Citizen Kane – Elements Of Mind
G-Dep – Head Over Wheels
Shadez Of Brooklyn – Change

Complex Magazine UK Premiere:
This is a mix of late 90’s, often over looked Hip Hop tunes that were pivotal in my development as a producer. Back when Hip Hop sounded like Hip Hop. How things have changed! Many of these tunes were only available in small run 12″ vinyl back in the day. Growing up in Los Angeles, I had a deep fascination of NYC and its 5 Boroughs. It was like a different world to me, described through songs like these. Working in record stores as a teenager, tracks like these would blow my mind when they came into the shop. In essence this mix is a Part 2 of my „Slept On But Not Forgotten“ Mix from a couple years ago.