About Greece… where’s our common (a.k.a. human) sense?


Hello everyone.

Before you stop and wonder what’s different, let me save you some time: I’m writing this in English. Primarily, because it’s a matter of international importance, but also because I can. ūüôā

I’d like to talk about Europe. The EU in general, and Greece in particular.
In order for you to be on the same page with me you must know this: I won’t base my thoughts on the various political points of view, because I know too little about global, european or even national politics (all I know is it makes everything fucking complicated) and because I think that politics are actually the root of the problem, thus cannot be the solution.

Does anybody remember why the Euro was introduced in the first place?

I’m asking because I kinda tried to read into the topic, so as to not be talking bullshit here. Apparently, the idea of a common European currency dates back to the 1970s. I do also remember that there was some kind of virtual pseudo currency called ECU in the 1990s, but I’m not really sure why it was even introduced.
So, I did start to read on the topic but I got really tired. I mean, I have a highschool diploma and a university degree and I don’t get it. I just don’t.

It is all about the economics, hence, the money. Money, money, money, easier (inner European) business, cash, cash, cash, less taxes, sell more, more, MORE, ding ding ding, jackpot!
That is THE ONLY reason, as far as I know. I’m open to other suggestions, but it’ll be hard to convince me.

And though I must admit that it’s very convenient to arrive in Spain and be able to pay with what you have in your wallet instead of changing money or get some from a local ATM, I can’t see any other positive aspect of this common European currency.

We all heard about the Australian dude who helped a Greek senior citizen and by now we should ALL have understood, that a problem caused by greedy and unfair politics is gravely restricting people’s lives.

Sacking Greece from the currency union would be just one thing: inhumane. And, honestly, from the heart, I believe it wouldn’t change ANYthing. Nothing at all.

Europe isn’t about money. I mean, politically speaking, it is, obviously, but EUROPE, the idea, has nothing to do with money.
Europe is fantastic. I personally, love the United States of Europe (let’s just call it that for now) so much more than the United States of America. Simply because of the variety of cultures, languages, landscapes.
Don’t get me wrong, Americans, the USA are very beautiful indeed, especially landscape-wise, but you know, I live here. So I have an opinion. About Europe.
And in my opinion, Europe is a lot more than just money.

Would you say that Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland are a part of Europe? I think anybody living in Europe would answer ‚yes‘ to that question. Well, they still have their own currency. Is Turkey a part of Europe? Hell, yeah. And Turkey is struggling to get in.
Europe shouldn’t be about money or other political criteria. It just shouldn’t.

And I can already hear all those politically correct smartasses calling me naive and I can almost see the frustration and fear in their eyes because they want to convince me of the opposite and I want to scream back: „Shut your trap and pull the stick out of your ass. Seriously. We’re people! Human beings.“
Human beings couldn’t ever and won’t ever be defined by money. That’s bullshit. Always has been and always will be.

If you need to define them (cause people tend to feel more secure when they have a certain set of rules as a reference, which also explains the success of religions in general), define them by culture. Mentality. Or whatever you wanna call it.
And before anybody accuses me of generalizing: yes, typical mentalities exist. Of course they do. People in different cultures are different. But that obviously and naturally doesn’t mean that ALL people in a certain country correspond to the same „prototype“. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that.

All you have to do is be a person. A human being.
And then you will learn and understand what Europe is about.

I found this flashmob video from Canada the other day. On a Barcelonian musician friend’s timeline.
I loved what I saw and it brought tears to my eyes. Seriuosly, I’m tearing up again while writing this, because that is what it’s all about, peeps.


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It’s about being a person, not a currency.
Flashmobs like that one should be mandatory on a weekly or even daily basis. Everywhere, but especially in the German Bundestag. Someone should do that.
I might be crazy enough. Who’s with me?