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Der Sommer ist in weiten Teilen Deutschlands (und bei mir in Prag) zwar vorbei, aber die Nachwirkungen sitzen einem noch in den Knochen…gerade so genug, um sich dieses sommerliche Soul Tape reinzufahren. Den Download gibt’s hier. Teil 1 findet ihr hier.


Oonops (0:00-40:40 min)

01 Sidney Barnes – Intro
02 Sidney Barnes & Speedometer – If I Could Only Be Sure
03 Nolan Porter – If I Could Only Be Sure
04 Cymande – Brothers On The Slide
05 Breakestra – Dark Clouds Rain Soul (Dub Version)
06 The Soul Surfers – Skit
07 The Soul Surfers featuring Myron & E – You Can Run (But You Can’t Hide) From My Love
08 Little Eva Harris – Get Ready/Uptight
09 Sister Cookie – Where’s My Money
10 Magic In Threes – Skit
11 Magic In Threes – Neal’s Lament
12 Nick Bike – The Beat
13 Pete Rock – Walk On By
14 DJ Moar – A Love Story
15 Weldon Irvine – What’s Going On?
16 Milton Wright – The Silence That You Keep
17 Tom Scott And The California Dreamers – Never My Love

Boca 45 Guest Mix (40:40-85:50 min)

18 Andrew Lloyd Oldham Orchestra – The Last Time
19 Crooklyn Dodgers – Return Of The Crooklyn Dodgers
20 Mac Mc Raw Audessey & Oxygen – B-Boy Bionics
21 The Fabreeze Brothers – Sister Of Phyllis Diller
22 Boca 45 – 45 Live
23 Bazibeats – Witness
24 Marvin Gaye – T Plays It Cool
25 Margo Thunder – Expressway To Your Heart
26 Tommy Stewart – Bump & Hustle Music
27 Harmony Cats – Harmony Cats’ Theme
28 Boca 45 – People Are You Ready (Soundsci Remix)
29 Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite
30 Naughty NMX – Jungle Mango
31 Cut La Vis – Still Have The Love Version
32 This Kid Named Miles – Ring Of Fire
33 Jackie Mittoo – El Bang Bang
34 Krazee Tunes – The 40 OZ
35 Massive Attack – Any Love
36 Thad’ Rayne – Didn’t You Know
37 Melaaz – Non Non Non
38 Boca 45 – Mr Big Sun

Kazahaya Guest Mix (85:50-129:15 min)

39 Kazahaya – Out Of The Soul
40 Vaneese & Calolyn – Goodbye Song
41 Find My Way
42 The Procedures – Give Me One More Chance
43 Magic In My Life
44 Hubert Laws – Family
45 Kazahaya – Seventh Heaven
46 Mike Lundy – Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music
47 Sergio Mendes – The Real Thing
48 Jewel Bass – Let Your Love Rain Down On Me
49 Kazahaya featuring The Spandettes – Broad Smile
50 Freeway
51 Affirmation

Ya dig?

Oonops invites you to his second part of ‚California Soul‘! Expect two great exclusive guest mixes: the first is by Boca 45 from the UK – the man behind 45Live and who is also known for his project Dynamo Productions with DJ Andy Smith. Furthermore he did the opening set for Banksy’s Dismaland and now he smashes some heavy music from hip hop to funk in this mix. Oonops‘ next guest is Breakin Bread artist Kazahaya from Japan who drops some lovely soul tunes and exclusive new releases in his part.


Get ready for some some sweet soul, raw breaks, funky treats, deep hip hop (beats) and a lot more! Enjoy this 2h+ funk’n’soul special!

Visit Oonops here:
Check out Boca 45 here:
Say hi to Kazahaya here:


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