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Musik, wie für einen Sunday-Joint gemacht: Aric Ogle aka Aso aus Kalifornien droppte eine 22 Tunes fette LP auf dem Mellow Orange Label. Instrumentale Beats mit Soul und Jazz und das ganze als „Name Your Price“ Download. Zugreifen, ein richtig tolles Album!

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Aric Ogle, better known as „Aso“ is a soul hip Hop/ jazz producer from small suburb, Newbury Park, in California. Aso’s interest in music started at a young age. Whether it be his father’s influence through the guitar, or his grandmother’s influence through the piano. Aso gained passion for music throughout his childhood and that passion has now evolved into love.

The overall feeling Aso tries to convey through his music is the ‚message of love‘. During his creative thought process, he tries and immerse himself in a way, that literally takes love from his soul, and blending all together in one. Let’s welcome this new beat smith as he takes all of us down on a path of musical love journey.

via MCW


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