How safe is it for two women to make a roadtrip in Turkey?


When I decided to leave Cirali,Antalya after six weeks in a camping pension where I did a kind of working holiday, I was ready for new adventures. My best friend Asli made me a surprise by coming suddenly. We asked each other “ Where are we going?“ I opened up maps on my mobile and tried to find out a spot in Mediterranean sea where I want to go and haven’t been before. I said „Yes,I know, we’re going to Kabak Bay.“ I once heard it is a hidden bay close to Dead Sea in Fethiye. She immediately said “ Ok.“ We didn’t talk much and hit the road. I am going to tell about the other two stops we had before we reached our prior destination Kabak Bay.

As I don’t know much about the location when we arrived, I realized that I booked a room in a small pension at the top of the hill, with a wonderful sea and mountain view.


It was 10 p.m. so, we had to use the pathway to the sea from the top. It took nearly half an hour and we learned from the pensioner that it isn’t possible to go down and reach to the beach with a regular car.
The road was too rough and ruined. When we arrived the beach after a harsh and dangerous walk a, I came across with a surprising, stunning sea sparkling with the light of fullmoon. Then I said to myself „It was worth it!“ We bought a bottle of red wine and leaned our backs to an old boat by the sea. Stories were told and listened while watching the moving lights on the sea under the beautiful moon.


When we got up early in the morning, I was astonished by the scenery from our pension on the daylight. The turquoise sea was shimmering so vividly that I believed life is a miracle for us. We had a wonderful breakfast on our terrace with delicious pancakes made by the local woman. When we were driving to Fethiye from Kabak Bay, I was pretty sure and said: “ I’ll see you again.“


They wanted to spend the night with us

There is one more thing I want to mention. As women, we didn’t feel any kind of disturbance during our trip or vacation. Everyone was nice and kind to us in Kabak. However, it doesn’t mean travelling on your own or with your girl friend is totally safe in all areas in Turkey. You may feel uncomfortable because of weird stares or looks of some people on you especially men’s for some reasons. You need to be cautious. Solo women travellers are not still normal or common thing if you are not a foreign tourist in your own country. Even so,I keep travelling without any hesitation .
This summer I had a kind of annoying experience while I was in Akyaka in a camping area where we spent our last night in a tent. Two guys who are much younger than us were chilling out in front of their tent with some good music. I found them close to us as they are young and looking safe to have camp close to each other.
We said „hello“ to each other and after putting up our tent had a long chat. We listened to their stories about difficulties they have at uni and concerns about the future of Turkey. They are both students at good universities. At the end of the night we went back to our tent and were getting ready to sleep when one of the guys showed up by saying : „We want to spend the night with you!“ First, I couldn’t find a word to say because I was shocked. Then I replied politely: „It is impossible!“ He left. We were so annoyed. How come he dares to ask such a question! What we only did was having a friendly chat with them and they called us „Abla“ which means „Older sister“ in Turkish.
Then we came to a conclusion that it is not safe to do an adventurous trip as women in this country. What, if I was alone? And how comes he felt so sure about it?

Safety doesn’t only mean „not having a risk of death“ for me. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable physically or mentally, then it isn’t safe! This is how I often feel in Turkey and that’s why unfortunately I don’t want to live in Turkey forever, because I know from my travels to different countries there are places where men respect the privacy of a woman.