Big Ghost feat. Westside Gunn & Runway – Griselda Ghost (Free Mixtape)


Big Ghost ist ein Phänomen. Niemand weiß, was der Kerl hauptberuflich macht. Bekannt ist er für seine nebenher verfassten Drake-Zerrisse, Tyga-Diss-Tiraden und Album-Rezensionen. Bewertet werden die Tapes und Alben in seinen Artikeln mit Bewertungen wie „I gives this shit 3.5 Zeus Slaps outta 5“ und die Texte sind zwar in Ghostfase-Killa-esquem Duktus verfasst, strotzen aber nur so vor Sachkenntnis und Witz:

Fam lets jus be real bout this shit for a moment. Drake gotta dead all the subliminal gun totin. The public is stupid but the public aint full blown delusional. This n**** Drizzy been feelin tough ever since he realized he could jus hide behind fat n**** n the fathers of his homeboys. But these little gunshot effects would probably sound less corny on a Coldplay record b.

Das alles ist im Grunde nur im Kontext dieses Mixtape wichtig, genau wie seine drölftausend a.k.a.s wie zum Beispiel:

the mighty Hands Of Zeus aka Galaxy Knuckles aka Thor Molecules the great aka Phantom Raviolis aka Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter aka Broccoli Bundles aka Lamborghini Saxophones aka the illustrious Cocaine Biceps n the legendary Acrobatic Chromosomes hisself otherwise known as the world famous Big Ghost namsayin

Heute bin ich über (Achtung!) Props eines Künstlers für einen Rezensenten gestolpert und zwar (Achtung!) für seine Beats. Verkehrte Welt. Beatbastler Extraordinaire The Alchemist (Gangrene, Dilated Peoples, Mobb Deep Umfeld, Gastdarsteller in Birds On A Wire und Kooperateur bei anderen Action Bronson Joints) lobt den hasserfüllten, zynischen Rezensenten für seine Produktion auf dem Mixtape „Griselda Ghost“ (Download) mit den beiden NY Rappern Westside Gunn und Runway:

Acclaim from cats who write ABOUT music or do reviews or whatever but never actually created a single note of music they own self or worked closely wit geniuses or played any type of vital role in the game or anything is cool… To most yall that was ME before I ever shared any my own shit. I appreciate all the praise n whatever yall been givin the gawd since me n @westsidegunn n @conway_the_machine dropped the Griselda Ghost project…but to get love from veteran producers n artists who been worked wit legends n made classics…that shit is monumental b. To put the shit bluntly…if you dont kno who Alchemist is you really dont kno a damn thing bout hip hop at all fam. No offense. Homie is responsible for AT LEAST 2 undeniable n timeless classic joints (Keep It Thoro by Prodigy n Worst Comes To Worst by Dilated Peoples) that you need to be familiar wit. Not to mention his production for Nas, Mobb Deep, Action Bronson, n damn near any rapper you can think of. Son is THAT dude…he got endless amounts of fire. So for him to show love.. Shit is humbling. That being said.. Big Ghost Ltd as a production entity is only gettin started b. More fire emojis on the way… Thanks to everybody who supported. Link in bio. Aight peace. #GriseldaGhost #BigGhostLtd #GxFR #SEGang #WestsideGunn #ConwayTheMachine #Alchemist #FuckRap #FuckTyga #RIPSeanPrice

Ein von The Hands of Zeus (@bigghostltd) gepostetes Foto am

Und Recht hat er. Big Ghost funktioniert auf der Metaebene und als Beatlieferant für New Yorker Untergrund MCs hervorragend. Das Tape atmet schwermütigen 90er, 00er Ostküsten Sound und setzt den Flow der beiden Rapper hervorragend in Szene. Ein völlig unerwartetes Mixtape Juwel!

Cats always talmbout they tryna bring the 90s back…n then literally try n make 90s soundin type shit. The Westside Gunn x Conway approach always been more bout bringin the ESSENCE of 90s/classic hip hop back. This EP aint no different from that namsayin. All production was handled by Big Ghost Ltd so you already kno the shit gon be endless fire emojis. This is pure grimy NY hip hop in its purest form. Fxck all the stupid shit. Put down the room temperature soy milk rap n get blessed by the flyness.

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