Habibi Funk Part 4 (Mixtape of Arabic 70s & 80s vinyl)


Er hat es schon wieder getan!

In the last couple of month I had the privilege to be able to travel a lot for DJ gigs and in order to find Fadoul’s family (the fruits of this labour can be found here: habibifunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/azmanah-salb). I spent some time in Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan. This mix is some of the music I found, a few trades are in there too. It’s quite a colorful range. Disco from Algeria and Morocco, a James Brown cover from Egypt, a modern soul meets reggae hybrid from Tunisia, a new Fadoul track that the internet doesn’t seem to know of yet and some other great bits and pieces. Come along to another journey to the funky side of the arab world…..

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