Die furchtlose Fratze: Beyoncé ließ sich von dem Haka ihr zu Ehren anstecken


Was ein Haka ist wissen wir in unseren Breitengraden spätestens nach dem letzten viralen Video eines Hochzeitspaares aus Neuseeland.


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Schön und rührend zugleich.

Dieses Ritual ist in der Region Polynesien nichts außergewöhnliches und nicht in die Schatzkammer der alten Riten verschwunden. Zu Ehren von Anderen und als Aufführung zu besonderen Anlässen, tragen Männer und Frauen noch immer Hakas vor.
Eine sehr coole Aktion war wohl die zu Ehren von Beyoncé, nach ihrem Konzert in Neuseeland.

Her alter ego is Sasha Fierce, and Beyonce certainly did the moniker justice while on tour last week.
The star joined in when the crew at her October 19 concert in New Zealand greeted her with a traditional Haka.
Chanting, slapping their sides and distorting their faces, the local crew of stagehands and technicians honoured the songstress by performing the ancient rite.

In blue light, with strobes flashing and camera bulbs popping, the 32-year-old approached the group pulling her own fearless face and emulating their moves.
Before her, a group of at least 25 men stood in formation and began stamping their feet and rhythmically shouting.
Sticking out their tongues and grimacing, the strapping Kiwis chanted, grunted and sounded off chilling cries – and Beyoncé, still wearing a lavish stage costume, gave as good as she got.

The Haka, which is performed by the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team before each match, is an ancestral war dance of the M?ori people, traditionally used to intimidate an opponent before battle.
It is also performed to honour a distinguished guest.
The Crazy In Love singer, who was in the country for her Mrs Carter world tour, seemed extremely touched by the thoughtful gift and looked delighted during the entire act.

And it wasn’t the only hair-raising experience the pop queen was exposed to during her trip to the Pacific Ocean island.
On Friday, she chucked herself from the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower to enjoy a terrifying 1,000ft freefall plunge.
The singer performed two jumps from the 1,076 feet tall tower because she enjoyed it so much, before ‚disappearing as quickly as she arrived,‘ according to New Zealand publication the Herald On Sunday. (Quelle