Kaan Wafi – Pieces From Exile (Boom Bap für den guten Zweck)


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After 40 years of tyranny under Assad Regime, the brave Syrian people started a revolution seeking freedom in 2011.

They took to the streets and started chanting, singing and dancing in the face of army tanks and snipers. Back then the elderly said to the youth „you don’t know this regime, they will burn this country before stepping down“ but the youth were far beyond the point of return.From Daraa to Homs, Raqqa to Qamishli the barrier of fear was broken!

“Pieces From Exile” is in memory of those lost, abducted and displaced by the war. It’s dedicated to every Free Syrian and inspired by some activists, artists and figures of our revolution. I would like to thank everyone who bought this record and the collective of artists for their contribution.

100% of proceeds of this record will be donated to Syrian NGO: White Helmets: www.whitehelmets.org


Kaan Wafi

Kaufen. Unterstützen. Kopf nicken. Auch mal Brenks themenverwandte Idee abchecken.

Danke Chris!


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