California Soul 3 (Oonops Drops Mixtape Stream & Download)


Für seinen dritten California Soul Mix hat sich Oonops Drops diesmal The Herbaliser aus UK und DJ Duct aus Japan eingeladen. Zu dritt führen sie durch zwei dicke Stunden mit schön stimmigen kalifornischen und kaliforniaesquen Soul-Songs

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Sunshine whole year with Oonops’ third episode of his ‘California Soul’ series. He starts the show with some crate digs, promo copies and vinyl founds out of his recent trip to California. Expect nothing else than pure soul tangled music, funky drums and an exclusive live drum session by Bay Area’s M-Tet. Followed by renowned Ollie Teeba aka The Herbaliser from the UK who drops 45 minutes of sunny breaks goodness. Strictly 45s. Finally in the second exclusive guest mix he gets visited by DJ Duct – dj and producer – from Japan who delivered a vibrant mix selection to complete this rolling joint of good vibes.

01 E feat. Ishtar – The Turning Point
02 The Main Ingredient – Everybody Plays The Fool
03 Breakdown Brass – Mary Jane
04 Salt – Hung Up
05 The M-Tet – Express Yourself
06 Andy Cooper – Room To Breathe
07 The M-Tet – Oonops Drops Drums
08 The Crusaders – Street Life
09 The Tonistics – Holding On
10 Raphael Munnings – Sleep On Dream On
11 Underground Vegetables – Melting Pot
12 The Soul Surfers – Odd Love
13 Feather – Be Real
14 Cliff Nobles – The Horse (Instrumental)
15 Nicoles Willis – Paint Me In A Corner

16 We The People – Forgotten Man
17 The Nu People – I’d Be Nowhere Today
18 Sly Stone – Rock Dirge
19 Slim and the Funky Four – I’m Gonna Warm It Up (Until You Give It Up)
20 Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – Giggin’ Down 103rd
21 Johnny Talbot – Git Sum
22 Leon Haywood – Strokin’
23 Kelee Patterson – I’m Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More
24 Sly Stone – Crossword Puzzle
25 Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band – What Can You Bring Me?
26 The Showmen Inc – The Tramp
27 Graham Central Station – The Jam
28 The Vibrettes – Humpty Dump
29 The Johnny Otis Show – The Watts Breakaway
30 Village Crusaders – Akiwawa
31 Side Effect – Always There

32 Ian Carr’s Nucleus – Roots?
33 Björn J:Son Lindh – Your Own House
34 Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up
?35 Jeremy Steig – Down Stretch?
36 The Inner Drive – Party Man
37 Monk Higgins – The Look of Slim
38 Kenny Smith – Feelin’ Alright
39 Lynn Collins – Take Me Just As I Am
40 Houseband – Look-A-Pye-Pye / Cissy Strut
41 Yumi Arai – Anata Dake No Mono
42 Slum Village – I Don’t Know
43 Motherlode – Soft Shell
44 UCND – Morondava
45 Grant Green – Ain’t It Funky Now
46 Wilson Das Neves – Soulful Strut
47 Certain Lions & Tigers – Aquarius
48 Bob Azzam & His Orchestra – Berimbau
49 Lorez Alexandria – I’m Wishin’


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