3D Star Wars Vinyl Hologramm


Irgendein Genie hat den Star Wars Tie-Fighter auf Vinyl gebannt. Dreidimensional als Hologramm \o/ Kann man hier kaufen.

Star Wars Specular Hologram on Vinyl: the two LP soundtrack from The Force Awakens features two amazing „scratch holograms“ of a Tie fighter and the Millennium Falcon- the video barely captures the fullness of the 3D effect, in person the spaceships seem to hover above the surface of the record. These holograms were hand etched on the metal masters by artist Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science. The etched grooves reflect a point source of light as sharp glints and the groves are arranged so that each eye sees a slightly different pattern such that, via stereopsis, the shiny points appear to float above or below the surface.