„Every day is a Sunday“ Mattimatti im Interview vor dem Sunday Joint auf dem Klunkerkranich


Am Sonntag spielen die Musik-Yogis Mattimatti bei unserem Real-Life-Sunday-Joint im Klunkerkranich. Meditative Klänge mit Hang, Sitar und mehr. Wir könnens kaum erwarten!

Who are you, what are your roots, where do you live and what are you doing?

We are mattimatti. That means two mattis living in two different countrys(Malmö SWE- Berlin GER) traveling around the wold playing music and trying to find out who we are. Who we are seams to change just like our surroundings. But the music stays with us, just like the friendship.

How important is music in your life?

Music is so many things for us. First of all it is so related to our relationship towards each other.
When the relationship is stuck so is our music.
Our music becomes therapy for us.
We need to be authentic with the music to have a real friendship and the other way around.
To play music is also changing your lifestyle, you can quicker connect with other people what can open to a spontaneous lifestyle, if you are open for it. It has been leading us to places where we would never end up without the music.
In that way music and life walks hand in hand. If we dare to be real about it. We are living in a world full of confusion when it comes to identity, and the music industry is brennstoff for fake identities. In that sense most of the music is not music. And its so easy to lose yourself in that, and all of a sudden you are standing there playing music but missing the music at the same time, or hanging out with your best friend missing the friendship. We are trying to keep connected. it´s a constant task. We lose it and we find it again , just like everybody else.


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What was your most influental musical moment?

Every time we lose ourself totaly in the music. One example that happened was in ia Musseleum in Oslo, The man who build his own grave had been spending his last 20 years doing so and the room was full of mystic paintings of birth and death. The room had an outstanding echo witch made it impossible to understand each others words when they drowned in the echo. We played in there, and we both lost our perception of up and down when the mixture of the paintings and the echoes was coming from all sides.


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What´s the perfect sunday?

Every day is a Sunday


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