Benito – Rythmic Lounge (Sunday Joint)


Von Benitos letzten Mixtape „Let The Drums Speak“ war ich dermaßen begeistert, dass ich den in Montreal lebenden DJ fragte, ob er uns nicht einen Sunday Joint kurbeln möchte. Heute freue ich mich, das Ergebnis vorstellen zu können: einen exzellenten Sunday Joint mit jeder Menge classic Rap, Funk und Rare Grooves.

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Benito im Interview

Who are you, where do you live and what are you doing?
I’m Benito, originally from Paris and now based in Montreal. I started mixing Jazzy Hip Hop 10 years ago in the bars of Paris with my friend Mr Bee, who is now based in Detroit. We still continue to mix together in North America cities (New York, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland …). I regularly mix in Montreal for breakdance battles and recently started to make beats as well. I joined Uglypitch records, a beatmaker and rapper collective founded by Skribe, a beatmaker who is also based in Montreal.
Since I mix funk and breakbeat music during battles, I started to take an interest in funk drummers and consequently started playing the electronic drums. I have also begun a series of mixes called „Let the drums speak“. By the way, I would like to thank Blog Rebellen for having shared the first volume of the mix.

Whats your Idea for your Sunday Joint?
My Sunday Joint is a mix of Hip Hop with various influences. The mix begins from a jazzy style and progresses towards a funky style with a large place for instrumentals tracks. The name of the mix is „Rythmic Lounge“, Rythmic because I tried to maintain a fairly high pace that calls for vitality, and Lounge to keep the mix relax enough to be listened to on a casual Sunday.
I hope that the regular listeners of the Sunday joints will be satisfied with the result!

What is the significance of music in your life?
I discovered the Hip Hop culture when I was very young at the beginning of the 90s so I grew up with rap music and its jazz, funk and soul influences.
I think that music, and particularly black music, is simply a way of escaping and thinking outside of our daily routines, while feeling emotions. For me, if you have emotions while listening to my mix, then I consider myself to be successful. I would prefer having only 100 people listening to my mix 10 times, over 1000 people listening to my mix once. Being a DJ is not my main profession, I am rather passionate about it and I mix for pleasure.

What was your most musical experience so far?
I like mixing in my city but I especially love to mix in other cities when I visit for holidays. Two years ago I went to Boston for the first time for my birthday, and I mixed in the biggest Hip Hop club in town. It was one of my most memorable nights. Also, a few months ago DJ Format came to mix in Montreal for a „45 live“ party and I must admit that I got hit with a musical slap!

What is the perfect Sunday for you?
Sunday is a day of rest so the perfect Sunday for me is to stay at home and just listen to my new records. But as my girlfriend is more active than me, I only listen to music in the morning and reserve the afternoon for outdoor activities, which is also very good!

Vinyl, digital, no matter?
Both. I love vinyl records and I bought them for a long time but I don’t consider myself to be a vinyl addict. I have a lot of CDs also that I listen to in my car, and I have a lot of mp3 as well. Music comes first, no matter what the support is.

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Five Deez feat. J.Sands – Blue Light Special
Figub Brazlevi? feat. DJ Cutrock – Rough Rugged
KNO – 99 Problems (Remix)
Funky DL – Laundry (Remix)
The FakeHunters – Mass Transit
DJ Center feat. Oddisee – Leave The City Outside
Roddy Rod – Pop’s Influence
Outlines – How It Should Be Done
DJ Format – The Turning Point
People Under the Stairs – Get Hip
The Soulquarians – Time Travelin‘ Reprise
DJ Nu-Mark feat.Quantic – Tropicalifornia
Royville – The Arrival
Jurassic 5 – Swing Set
Beat Assaillant – 4080 (Part II)
Showbiz – Party Groove
Crown City Rockers – Vibrations
ASM feat. Sadat X – Certified Organic
Sound Directions – Dice Game
Iswhat?! – Cold Hands (DJ Spinna Remix)
Moonstarr – Break It Down
Mr Scruff – Shelf Wobbler
Brother – Beyond The 16th Parallel (Sharpville Salute)
Mr. Wiggles – Top Rock & Roll
Sleep Walker – Brotherhood (Marc Marc Dirty Jazz Remix)
Mr President – Left And Right
DJ Day – What Planet What Station
Quantic Soul Orchestra – Super 8
Soho – Hot Music
Marc Hype & Jin Dunloop – Wah Wah Wah

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