Foto des Tages: Golfplatz der Vorhölle


Vorne Golf spielende Männer, hinten fackelt der Wald ab. Ich hatte das Bild vor ein paar Tagen schon mal gesehen, war mir aber nicht sicher ob das nicht ein Fake ist.

Oregon fires next to a golf course. from WTF

Rene teilte das Foto nun drüben auf Nerdcore und ich bemühte mal die Suchmaschine um mehr Infos zu finden. Wie sich nun heraus stellte zeigt das Foto einen Golfplatz im Bundesstaat Washington und ist es kein Fake!

The owners of the Beacon Rock Golf Course in Washington state, which sits along the Columbia River Gorge where a massive fire has burned over 30,000 acres, confirmed to the local press that this photo taken at their course is very much real. One of the golfers pictured in the viral image backed up their claim, though he said the photo makes the situation look more dramatic than it actually was. Several other photos taken from alternate angles showing both the golf course and the nearby wildfires support these claims.

“They were definitely not faked,” Crawford told The Oregonian. “When we first started there was a fire maybe the size of a grocery store. By the end of hole two, it was just crazy. The big one you’re seeing on the internet was on hole nine.”
Quelle: Gizmodo

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