Video des Tages: „The key to your child’s future is CREATIVITY“


Hach, ist das nicht sweet? Der Kurze hier choppt mal eben einen Beat zusammen und ist dabei besser als so manch ein Großer. Das beste Video, das ich heute im Netz gefunden habe und die Worte von Questlove dazu sollten wir uns zu Herzen nehmen.

Parents (or aunts n uncles, godparents, grandparents, teachers or ANYONE w influence) the smallest gesture can change your child’s life. The key to your child’s future is CREATIVITY. Be it Music. Be it art or acting or dance or design or culinary. It’s the arts that help them solve problems or express repressed emotions basically it keeps you SANE. The best part of this video isn’t the fact that this kid is chopping #CarlDouglas up lovely. It’s the encouragement he is getting makin his dad proud.
Ways you can help: if prego playing classical & jazz in the womb HELPS. Those formative years in the crib. Show them ALL TYPES of music (radio in the car I? don’t trust too much because radio today isn’t about your growth it’s about their money) you don’t have to be a musical genius to teach this. More than half of you scoff at the the foods they eat. You wouldn’t let your kids eat twinkies for breakfast lunch and dinner 24/7 right? You gotta MONITOR what they take in on all fronts not just nutrition. Surely there are music snobs in proximity to you that are active on music streaming services making playlists and whatnot for you & your kids to learn. I’m just saying!!!!! Lol

Source: Questlove