Foto(s) des Tages: Metro of Copenhagen in motion


Wunderschöne Aufnahmen von Thomas Leuzinger, der diese Bilder in der Copenhagener U-Bahn fotografierte.

No, we are not inside the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Reality is a bit less spectacular, it’s only the Metro of Copenhagen, somewhat slower than speed of light. But it does look fast when exposing long enough (2.5 seconds in this case).

It’s a fantastic train for photographers, as there is no driver, so passengers can whatch through the front- and back-windows.

Had the camera on a table-mini-tripod and the lens hood pressed against the window, plus a jacket wrapped around in order to minimize reflections as much as possible.

Unfortunately the window was not so clean and full of scratches. Even with an open apperture and focus close to infinity I couldn’t completely get rid of some spots in the upper left of the frame, but I finally cropped out the worst part and tried to reduce the remaining as much as possible.

Main post processing was white-balance (a lot!), contrast- and saturation-enhancement, cropping and adding some vignetting.
Quelle: flickr

Racing against the Protons

Ein weiteres Foto, das bei der gleichen Fahrt entstand:

...still hunting some bloody neutrons

Metro M2 somewhere between Copenhagen Norreport and Airport

Inside Alien's backbone

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