They say nobody works in LA. But we’re all doing something. In an ideal world, everyone in LA would be out of town on vacation all the time so I could get to all my favorite spots easily and without sitting in traffic for most of my life. Unfortunately that’s not the case. BUT if by some miracle this happened for one day this is how I would spend it.

For breakfast or brunch with friends I love going to République. It’s the go to spot for fresh baked breads and sweets but also just really great modern French “foodie” dishes. The interior is what draws me and others in with it’s communal tables, rustic theme, and skylit main dining room to feel like you’re outside in an old French town.

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Don’t do caffeine? Grab a juice at any of the many Pressed Juicery locations. Juices are pretty big in LA in lieu of eating actual food. If you like eating though, just skip it.

For lunch I’d head over to Kismet in Los Feliz. Even though the plates are so small and overpriced (what isn’t in LA?) I’m never mad when I eat here because the food is just that good. So good that they are a finalist for a James Beard Award.

gold medal in the rice olympics, even when the yolk sneaks out the side ?

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The 10 freeway. It’s pretty much the lifeline of LA. It’ll take you from the east side to the west and connect you to any other infamous freeway to get you wherever your heart desires. Stay away from Hollywood. Just, don’t. Head over to the west side to Venice and walk along Abbot Kinney for the cool and modern beach vibe scene. Or walk along the Venice boardwalk to do some people watching and see glassy-eyed girls get a henna tramp stamp and make other mistakes.

Koreatown, or K-town, is definitely the spot of the moment. It’s still grungy enough to have a personality, and somewhat affordable rent, but new hang-outs and restaurant are popping up everywhere too. I’d go to the Line Hotel and grab a cocktail at Commissary. The restaurant itself is an old greenhouse with plenty of plants and lights. The food is delicious and hanging out by the pool is optional.

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Late night traditions in LA no matter where you went, either to a show or a party, usually end up at a taco truck. My favorite is Leo’s Tacos. Tacos al pastor is all you need. They post up in a gas station parking lot on the corner of La Brea and Venice and are there all day until 3 am.

The great thing about LA is it is so many different things to so many different people. Unlimited options, neighborhoods and cultures all blended into one lovely, sprawling landscape. This is how I’d like to spend my day, but you can make this city be anything you want.

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