Meet Mahalia: Interview with the Neo Soul Fräuleinwunder


It was the Song „Sober“ performed by Mahalia that catched us immediately. Some songs and verses later we fell in love with this young talented artist. We are surely not the only once who celebrate her: Over nine million views on her performance for the Colors-Video is not incidental.
Her own interpretation of Neo Soul and the way she uses storytelling is admirable.

Mahalia Berlin
Mahalia at her Show in Berlin, Kantine Berghain (Photo: Blogrebellen)

The rising British singer Mahalia is just 19 years old and with her Music she brings the R&B of the nineties to the year 2018. That’s not surprising either, as the sound of the nineties gave her musical inspiration, as she told us in a recent conversation.
We met Mahalia last week before her show at Kanine Berghain and talked to her about her young career, her musical roots, who helped her to achieve her success and how important the internet was for her and what we can expect in the near future.

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