Tune des Tages: The Internet – Roll (Burbank Funk)


Ganz ehrlich? Wer bitte kommt auf die absurde Idee, seiner Band den Namen „The Internet“ zu geben? Viel Spaß beim gefunden werden, sage ich da nur.

Aber hey, ich habe die Band trotzdem auf dem Schirm und daher mitbekommen, dass sie endlich einen neuen Song veröffentlicht haben! „Roll“ heißt das Ding und ist ein Gute-Laune-Sommer-Stampfer, irgendwo zwischen Funk, Disco und Neunzigerjahre-Floorfiller. Fast schon hitverdächtig!

About The Internet

THE INTERNET began as two people – Syd and Matt. Syd taught herself how to record, engineer, and produce at age 15. She also sings, imbuing every song with a sultry, mellifluous, quiet power. Matt produces and plays synths. She’s now 23; he’s now 26. Like all post-modern relationships, the duo initially met on Myspace in 2008, only to meet in-person three years later.

THE INTERNET have released two albums previously – 2011’s Purple Naked Ladies, and 2012’s Feel Good.

THE INTERNET branched off from the Odd Future collective and started their own band in 2011. Syd had been writing music since she was small; she put this on hold to become OF’s DJ and producer, and picked her songs back up in 2011 to make her first full-length album with Matt.

When they play live, THE INTERNET is a band – a six-person outfit whose youngest member is 17. They began playing as a full-band in order to tour behind Feel Good, and the band members all contributed their talents to THE INTERNET’s 2015 album EGO DEATH.

Source: The Internet on Facebook

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